Prisoner Aysel Koç lost her life


ANKARA - MKP prisoner Aysel Koç lost her life in Sincan Women's Closed Prison.

Aysel Koç who was sentenced to aggravated life in prison from the Maoist Communist Party (MKP) case, lost her life. The prison administration told her family and her lawyers she committed suicide. Koç's attorney told that he will inform the public whether it was a suicide or not after the authopsy.
Human Rights Association (İHD) Ankara Branch went to the Forensic Medicine Institute to get information from the authorities and the family.
Koç, a warrior of the Maoist Communist Party People's Liberation Army (MKP-HKO) was arrested in 2012, and was captured after a clash with the police in Dersim, Ovacık. Her brother Güngör Koç stated that his sister told him she was not expecting to get out of prison alive. Koç stated that the last time he visited his sister in January she was brought by a number of guards and her sister told her 'They are here for me. I could get jumped on my way back to the ward.' Güngör Koç said: "I knew she was going thorugh a very rough time in prison but I didn't think it would come to this. They told us she committed suicide. The prosecutor did not make any statements. I just saw her face. I don't know how she committed suicide.There are women staying across her ward. Maybe they'll tell us something."
It was learned that Koç's brother-in-law, İsmet Şeker, also died in the Suruç Massacre, while Şeker's son Mustafa Can Şeker lost his life while fighting against ISIS in Kobanê.
Koç used to send our agency and the rights' defenders letters about the violations of rights in prison. İHD Co-chair Eren Keskin held a press release on August 1, 2016 and told that Koç was sexually assaulted in the hospital. The prosecutor decided not to prosecute the case.
Koç's body was delivered to her family after the authopsy in Forensic Medicine Institude (ATK). Family was accompanied by Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) İstanbul MP Dilşad Cambaz Kaya, HDP Ankara executives and Humans' Rights Association (İHD) Ankara executives.
The body was taken to Esenboğa Airport to be brought to İstanbul.
Lawyers stated that the preliminary autopsy report will come out tomorrow, while the comprehensive report will come out next month.

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